sketchbook sneak peek

sketchbook sneak peek


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Shots from activity all over campus last year

Good good times

(supported by the generous Bennington community of course)

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Vintage Bennington prints So beautiful!

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Spring 2014 courses

Social Life of Sculpture : a performance/sculpture class full of both collaboration & independent projects. (more details about my massive project to come)

Lithography : an introduction to lithographic printmaking. Drawing on stones! Chemicals on stones! Grease! Water! 

Medieval Ritual : a study of the history and performance of Christian rituals (my Plan come to life)

Reading the Body : co-taught, interdisciplinary work between anthropology in dance, examining social, political, and personal constructions of the body

Butoh : taught by two genius Butoh artists (a vague term), we’re learning the physical/emotional/spiritual experience that has been deemed “butoh” (a vague term). So body!

such a good, good, good term 

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